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Bij Alchemist hebben we hoge kwaliteitsstandaarden en maken we bewuste keuzes over onze materialen. Want wat goed gemaakt is, gaat lang mee.


Alchemist carefully creates two collections each year, with respect for the people and the environment. These are assembled from designs that are easily mixed and matches with previous collections. Our standards are high, for what is made well, lasts longer. That too is sustainability.

This same care and attention we give to social-ethical and sustainable production processes and transparency about our methodes is part of that. Therefore signing the IRBC Agreement for Sustainable Garments and Textiles (AGT) by SER in 2016 was a logical step, as was joining the Open Apparel registry (OAR) in 2019. The next consecutive step will be the signing of the Clean Clothes Campaign Transparency Pledge later this year.

Minimize co2
A few years back, we set ourselves the goal of reducing our co2 emissions, by bringing back our production to Europe as much as possible. This we made happen. We now produce some 80% in Portugal, 5% in Macedonia and another 15% in Delhi, India.
Using these locations means our transports have become much shorter and we now use airfreight only from Delhi. Moreover, we combine freight shipments of various different suppliers, so we can fill up just one truck and avoid multiple smaller shipments. We work together with production studios, laundries and dye works that are located close to one another in order to reduce local transportation as well.

Our Austrian fabric supplier Lenzing, who makes our Tencel, Modal and Lyocell, generates 80% of their own energy locally and sustainably. In our annual social reports, you can see exactly what percentage of our collection is made from which sustainable materials.

More than clothes
Our commitment to sustainability extends right into the store itself: we ship our clothes in biodegradable packaging, so we can minimize the environmental impact right through to the end of the chain. We supply the shops that sell our clothes with our own organic cotton tote bags to give their customers.
In our showrooms and our offices, we use LED lighting.
We are stringent about the number of magazines and show cards we produce. If we do choose to use paper it’s always paper carrying an FSC label (sustainably sourced paper).

Sustainability is for the long haul.

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