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Sustainability is no passing trend. It’s in our DNA and an indispensable part of how we work. We are continuously striving to make Alchemist even more sustainable. We consider every new step we take very carefully, because sustainability isn’t something you can just plug into a company. It calls for constant dedication to working as sustainably as possible. 
In the world of fashion, people sometimes cut corners and that’s something we are determined not to do at Alchemist. We are in it for the long haul: where do we currently stand and how can we do better? Alchemist regularly confers with other sustainable fashion brands, to pool our strengths and learn from each other’s business practices. Our founder and designer, Caroline Mewe, is a welcome guest at business conferences, speaking about how to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

In 2016 Alchemist signed the International Agreement for Sustainable Garments and Textiles (IRBC AGT) by the SER (Dutch Social Economic Counsel). This is a robust convenant containing legally binding agreements between companies, governments, trade unions and other stakeholders. We have high hopes for its hard-hitting pledges to improve the fashion industry, and the SER’s annual audit is certainly very thorough. Read all about the five-year plan of this agreement and our Plan of Action.

Alchemist doesn’t walk away from the responsibility to show what they are doing, on the contrary. By joining the Open Apparel Registry (June 2019) we reveal our production locations, through this open source database of textile producers. This creates opportunities for kinds companies and labels to join forces. You, as a consumer, can see exactly where your products a being manufactured.

Alchemist is also working toward signing the Clean Clothes Campaign’s Transparency Pledge, in the course of 2019. By doing so we will be providing even more information regarding our production processes.

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