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September 5, 2017 | Caroline Mewe

Sustainable high-end fashion

Beautiful clothes skilfully tailored and well-made from materials of sustainable sources. Alchemist’s mission is to combine high-fashion with an ethical lifestyle, as founder Caroline Mewe believes fashion and ethical business practices to be equally important.

For us, sustainability is not a passing pad. It’s in our DNA and an indispensable part of how we work. Alchemist is a signatory to the SER’s International Covenant on Sustainable Clothing and Textiles, and a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. The International Covenant on Sustainable Fashion and Textiles is a robust covenant containing legally binding agreements between companies, governments, trade unions and other stakeholders. We are optimistic about its very definite commitments to improve the fashion industry.

Fair Wear Foundation

Since 2013, we’ve been members of the Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear is committed to good working conditions in the garment industry. This means employees have freely chosen to work for the suppliers with whom we do business. They are entitled to form a trade union; there is no discrimination in the workplace, and absolutely no child labour. The wages workers receive are enough to live on and working hours are not inhumane. Finally, the working environment is clean and safe, and every worker has a legally binding employment contract. These are nothing more than what we would expect of anyone’s working conditions. Read more about the covenant and our Fair Wear Foundation brand performance check. In our CSR annual report you can see exactly what percentage of our collection is made from sustainable materials.

Recycled denim

September 5, 2017 | Caroline Mewe

Recycled materials

The reuse of clothes is, of course, sustainable, as we then don’t need to use additional raw materials or water. Which also makes it energy efficient and less damaging to the environment. We work with recycled linen, a fabric that feels cool in the summer but keeps you warm in cold weather. Recycled denim produces beautiful yarn in gorgeous colours that are a joy to work with. For our winter collections, Alchemist also works with recycled wool, which we mix with a bit of polyamide to make the wool more durable and better able to withstand moisture. In our collection 3,7% is made of recycled denim and 6,1% is made of recycled linen, making a total of 9,8% of recycled yarns.

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