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About the designer

Caroline Mewe is the founder of Alchemist.  
She grew up on the island of Terschelling, and has always been inspired by the light there. You can see that influence in the colours she uses in her creations. They have a slightly chalk-like quality and pieces from one collection can always be combined with pieces from another. Nowadays she lives and works in Amsterdam, and Alchemist enables her to combine the influences of her youth with city life. Light and almost fragile on the one hand, yet bold, effervescent and avant-garde on the other. 

Caroline Mewe (born in 1962) works with her team to create the kind of clothes that she likes to wear. She draws her inspiration from close to home – from everything that grows and blooms. “From what I see on the streets, in restaurants, even flowers because of their colours. I mean, doesn’t the inside of a kiwi fruit look pretty amazing?”

Ethical production
“Originally we only wanted to start a line of luxury T-shirts in organic cotton, but once the ball got rolling, it grew and grew and we couldn’t stop. I love the feel of the fabrics and enjoy talking to manufacturers in our endless quest for new discoveries. Quality is so much more interesting than quantity.

By opting for quality, we are also opting for a production method that doesn’t harm the environment or the people who make our clothes. We mustn’t forget that traditional cotton cultivation poisons the land and depletes natural resources. But there are alternatives, and we are dedicated to pursuing them. That’s why we joined the SER-convenant.

A feminine touch
Alchemist targets grown up, discerning women. It’s a label for women aged 30+ who know what they want from life. Sometimes they want to look strong, at other times they want something ultra-feminine. “All of our pieces have a feminine touch. That’s extremely important. Naturally we also create bold trousers and robust cardigans, but these are then combined with a beautiful blouse or a T-shirt with a waterfall neckline. Recently somebody said that every one of Alchemist’s pieces make you look prettier and I took that as a wonderful compliment.” An Alchemist woman is beautiful in lots of different ways – a woman with that little bit extra.