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Our story

We don’t believe people exist in isolation; we are connected with our environment. The story goes that alchemists were searching for the formula for making gold. They wanted to transform the mundane into something exquisite. By blending together different substances, they hoped to create the most precious material in existence. We pursue that same dream and believe that alchemy can occur when different elements come into contact with one another.
We aspire to inspire, not to dictate. Because beautiful clothes feel right.”

Our materials

Fashion is about more than looking beautiful on the outside. Alchemist makes clothing with a focus on people and the environment. As much as possible, we work with sustainably produced materials. So they feel good in more ways than one.It goes without saying that we don’t use AZO dyes in the production of our clothes. […]

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About the designer

Caroline Mewe is the founder of Alchemist.  She grew up on the island of Terschelling, and has always been inspired by the light there. You can see that influence in the colours she uses in her creations. They have a slightly chalk-like quality and pieces from one collection can always be combined with pieces from another. Nowadays […]

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Our mission

Alchemist’s mission is to combine luxury fashion with an ethical lifestyle. Founder Caroline Mewe believes fashion and ethical business practices are equally important. Beautiful clothes skillfully tailored and well-made from materials of sustainable sources.Alchemist aspires to inspire, not to dictate.

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Deliberate Choices

Alchemist produces two painstakingly assembled collections every year. Making sure our designs can easily be combined with those from previous collections. Our quality standards are high, because what is well-made lasts a long time. And that, too, is all part of being sustainable. Alchemist produces two painstakingly assembled collections every year. Making sure our designs […]

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Sustainability is no passing trend

For us, sustainability is no passing trend. It’s in our DNA and an indispensable part of how we work. We are continuously striving to make Alchemist even more sustainable, and therefore consider carefully any new steps we take in this light. Because sustainability isn’t something you can just plug into a company. It calls for […]

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Finger on the pulse

Finger on the pulse. Prior to 2016, we had set ourselves the goal that 90% of our production be by producers who have a certificate for social-ethical business practices. Since then, all the factories with whom we work have one or more such certificates, and undergo annual audit by various NGOs, such as BSCI, FWF, SA8000, […]

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Our people

BARBORAdesigner ‘It is a conscious choice to make sustainable fashion. We want to know in which countries, by which people and under what conditions our clothes are made. With each collection, we ask ourselves which sustainable fabrics we want to work with. We continually need to make choices as a brand, but also as consumers. Alchemist […]

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