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Our people


'It is a conscious choice to make sustainable fashion. We want to know in which countries, by which people and under what conditions our clothes are made. With each collection, we ask ourselves which sustainable fabrics we want to work with. We continually need to make choices as a brand, but also as consumers. Alchemist inspires me to be increasingly environmentally aware in my own daily life, and to keep in mind our planet and future generations.'


'For me, socially responsible business is about the relationships you develop and maintain with people in the countries where your production takes place. You have to bridge cultural differences and physical distance before you can be sure you share the same values. But if you can create something together under the right conditions, it’s fantastic. It reinforces the sense I have that the world isn’t so large after all, that actually we all want the same things, that we’re all part of one big family.'


'Selling high-end fashion is one thing, but to bring sustainable clothing onto the market is in my eyes doing something really worthwhile.
Clothes made with respect for people and the planet. More and more people want to know where their clothes come from. So I’m proud we can answer that question honestly. Alchemist has from the very beginning always had a strong focus on sustainability and I think it’s wonderful to see how that resonates with increasing numbers of people. Sustainability has arrived, and is here to stay.'

marketing & e-commerce

'I've always been interested in fashion, but working for Alchemist has made me far more aware of the processes going on behind the scenes in our industry. The supply chain is long and complex, and leaves behind a sizeable ecological footprint. I think it's wonderful to be part of a team that, from production to sales, is committed to sustainability, and can inspire retailers and customers.'

agent for Continuum Buying Agency, India

'I love how Caroline is constantly striving to make her own brand better, and doing her bit to get the fashion industry to do likewise. By making conscious choices about materials, and where and how they produce their clothes, Alchemist represents values I endorse. With a vision about other people and our planet.
Alchemist pays close attention to detail, and designs with a sense of awareness and real soul. Seeing someone wearing clothes we’ve made for Alchemist makes me proud. And as a consumer, too, I simply love that unmistakable Alchemist signature!'

Ana Paula, agent for Minocha, Portugal

'When I started out, I didn’t even know how a t-shirt was made. But today I can say with confidence that the Alchemist garments made in Portugal are made with love for the customer.
I’ve been working as a textile agent for over 25 years. I love my work and the buzz that surrounds the world of clothes. Every single day brings new challenges. Not all of them are easy to solve, but the satisfaction of seeing the final product in the hands of my clients makes it all worth it.'
Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really wonderful customers and extremely professional producers. But I really like working with Alchemist because of their strong focus on the sustainable fashion industry.
The customer dreams, I then set the whole process in motion and the manufacturers bring those dreams to life. As we say in Portugal, ‘God wants, the man dreams, the work is born’.'