We believe that people are no solitary creatures; we are connected with our environment. The story goes that alchemists were in search of the formula for making gold. They wanted to transform the mundane into something exquisite. By fusing together different substances, they hoped to create the most precious material in existence; gold. At Alchemist, we pursue that same dream and believe that alchemy will occur when different elements come into contact with one another.

“We aspire to inspire, not to dictate. Because beautiful clothes feel right.”

Alchemist finds her inspiration in the stories of women and their environment. Unique, passionate, and genuine; each of these women tells a story about craftsmanship and dedication, all in their very own way.

Why choose Alchemist

Why Choose Alchemist? Discover the Unique Benefits for the Conscious Consumer<br>In the ever-evolving world of fashion, making a choice about where to invest in your wardrobe can be daunting. With countless brands vying for your attention, why should Alchemist Fashion be your go-to choice?

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What is an Alchemist

What is an Alchemist? The story and myth goes that alchemists wanted to turn ordinary things into something extraordinary.

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About Caroline Mewe

Caroline Mewe (1962) is the founder of Alchemist. She grew up on the island Terschelling and is forever inspired by the light of the island. This translates directly into the colors of her work, that has a chalky optic and keep reoccurring with every collection.

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Our People

Step into the world of Alchemist and meet our team - the essence behind the brand that bridges luxury fashion and a fair lifestyle. These dedicated individuals are the driving force behind the creativity and ethos of our brand. Without them, Alchemist wouldn't be the inspiring force it is today.

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In Stories of Alchemists, we interview inspiring women who have taken a step back from their day-to-day life to reflect on what’s really important to them. With passion and purpose, they are now following their heart’s desires. This time: Love Q

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Sophie from Destress Lab

This past year we met Sophie van Aanholt, who runs Destress Lab, a meditation platform. We spoke about her past and how she got the idea of starting Destress Lab.

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New spring/summer 2024 collection

Discover new designs in organic cotton voile, natural linen blends, and flowy Ecovero. Find your wardrobe essentials. Do you opt for romantic glamour or sophisticated comfort? ⁠

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Sustainable indoor activities

We wrote this during Covid. Because of this special period, we'll leave the text here. .....We understand that social distancing can be challenging. Especially now, when spring is around the corner and you really want to be close to your loved ones. Here are some sustainable indoor activities to help you through these days!

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Festive & Conscious holiday guide

ONLINE AND LOCAL… Last-minute gift shopping is the most sustainable when you do it locally, but the measures in the Netherlands during Covid, made it very difficult not to shop online.

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PJ Day Heavenly

For nights where you want to feel extra comfortable, and for days where you want to be in your PJ’s all day. For a cold winter’s night, a slow Sunday, or even that sleepover with friends you’ve wanted to do for years.

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