NIET VOOR EENS, MAAR VOOR ALTIJD... We houden van het idee om dingen opnieuw te gebruiken. Het kiezen van herbruikbare textiele servetten en cadeauverpakkingen is een geweldige manier om afval te verminderen. Als je op zoek bent naar je ultieme vakantieoutfit, kies dan voor iets dat je meer dan eens kunt dragen.


Last-minute gift shopping is the most sustainable when you do it locally, but the new measures in the Netherlands are making it very difficult not to shop online. Follow your favorite shop on Instagram and see what they have to offer. You can pick it up from their store. If you can pick it up by bike, you’ll get even more bonus points because:

-you’re supporting a small business

-by not getting your parcels delivered, you’re lowering your carbon emissions

-your gift will probably be unique & very loved

Want to support your locals? Check our store locator to find stores near you.

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This year, add some meat-free options to your menu! Eating less or no meat will help you lower your carbon footprint and will open space for creativity on your dining table. Explore some of our favorite plant-based holiday recipes here:

Roasted Squash, Caramelized Fig, and Feta Salad
Honey Butter Roasted Acorn with Burrata and Pomegranate
Crispy Rosemary Butter Roasted Potatoes

Not looking forward to cooking this year? 
Support your favorite local restaurant by ordering your holiday menu with them.


Wabi-sabi is a Japanese worldview that focuses on accepting the fleeting and imperfect. During the holidays, we can practice wabi-sabi by appreciating the natural forces of nature. So, your apple cake stayed in the oven a little too long? That’s okay. Your curls aren’t staying put? You still look amazing. Show up as you are – with every perfect imperfection – and feel the weight of trying to reach perfection lift off your shoulders. Embrace what’s in front of you!


We like to slow things down. For 2022, let’s set the intention to focus even more on the important things in life, like family & friends, and doing things that make you happy. Slowing down can help us enjoy the present moment a whole lot more.

Some of our favorite drinks to enjoy slowly during the holidays?

Maple Apple Cider (non-alcoholic)
Frosted Mistletoe Margarita


We’re closing the year off in a crazy way, but it’s never too crazy to be kind and loving towards others. This may be the most festive time of the year for some, but it can be the most stressful or loneliest for others. Please remember that love grows only when it’s shared. So, in-between everything that’s happening, we hope you feel inspired to call a loved one or send them a postcard.