Come along with us as we open the doors to our Alchemist atelier and office in Lijnden - Amsterdam. We will guide you through our process of creating a sustainable fashion brand. Our collections are designed in Amsterdam and ethically produced in countries such as Portugal and India.


When we start looking for inspiration, the first thing we like to explore is nature. As magnificent as she is, she grants us many ways to feel inspired. From the subtle print of a flower, and the swaying of dried grasses in the summer breeze, to the smell of ocean water. Those little things are the first step of connecting our collections to the wonderful world around us.


Choosing fabrics and yarns for our new collection is selecting through the senses. Thoroughly looking through all swatches, sometimes even closing our eyes to feel the fabrics on our skin. We’re very picky when it comes to our materials, and are always searching for fabrics that tell a story. Unique textures, three-dimensional fabrics, and one-of-a-kind details are things that grab our attention. And above all, we aim for high-quality materials and innovative sustainable technologies.


The sketching phase is where our ideas and inspiration start to take shape. It’s where the authentic Alchemist handwriting comes to fruition, and where the foundation for our collection is set. Minimalist and timeless designs, combined with refined details and intricate patterns. All of our styles, from sketches to the final designs, are drawn by hand. With an eye for detail and storytelling, we believe that magic happens right when the tip of a pencil touches the paper. Where design and the fabrics and yarns come together, is what we call sophisticated comfort.


Alchemist is more than just a clothing brand, and we love to share our world with our retailers. Before our new collection is launched, we send them a teaser that we thoughtfully put together. With this teaser, we want to give them a glimpse of the ambiance around the new collection, and we’re just really excited to share what is coming up.