Alchemist is taking a stance against overproduction and discount culture in the fashion industry. We will not be participating in Black Friday Sales. Instead, we will donate 5% of our Black Friday Weekend revenue to Fashion Revolution to support them in funding their campaigns for a fair, safe, and transparent fashion industry. We don’t want to shame anyone for shopping the Black Friday sales. For many, this is a great way to find necessary items at a discounted price. Our wish is to spread awareness of the consequences of Black Friday on the garment industry. We hope you feel inspired to shop mindfully – not only during Black Friday but always. A sustainable wardrobe starts with a sustainable mindset.   

TIP #01: LEARN  

Learn more about the fashion industry. We recommend starting with The True Cost, Redress the Future, or Genaaid (Dutch).  

TIP #02: PLAN  

Plan a day or afternoon off and go into your wardrobe. See which items you love to wear and how you love to style them. Try out some different ways of styling them: experiment with layering, match different textures, or try to recreate an outfit you saw and loved online. Take a picture of all the outfits that you like so you can refer to them when you don’t feel inspired.  

TIP #03: MARK 

If you have the feeling that you’re missing something in your wardrobe, write it down. Then, mark an X behind it every time you notice that you’re missing this item. This way, you make sure that you’ll actually wear the item before purchasing it. Wait until there are at least five X-es before purchasing.  


Before purchasing a new item, browse different brands to find your style. Platforms like GoodOnYou, Fairify, and WhenSaraSmiles will give you more insight into how well brands are performing when it comes to sustainability. Don’t forget to do your own research, too! If you want to learn more about Alchemist, you can read our Sustainability page, where we publish our information and update this every six months.  


Examine your shopping habits. When are you most tempted to shop? Does it have anything to do with your emotions, your cycle, or are you triggered by what you see online? Understanding that you’ll have moments that you’re easily tempted is the first step in becoming more mindful of how you consume. Accepting that these moments will arise, will also help you to work with them. 


Ask yourself the following questions before shopping.
Do I need this item?
How often will I use this item?
Who made this item?
What is this item made of?