Since 2004 Alchemist has been committed to creating fashion in an ethical way. This also means that we think that the production of our collections should be done in an honest and sustainable manner, from start to finish.

Every factory that we work with has at least one social certificate, which means that every individual that contributes to our collection can work safely and for livable wages.


The COVID-19 pandemic has completely turned our lives upside down. The virus has impacted the lives of so many people, in so many ways.⁠

The economic consequences of this pandemic have started to take shape. It affects us, our retailers, and at the end of the chain it will affect our suppliers and garment workers the most. Passing on our problems will not make these problems go away; instead they will hurt many individuals that rely on us. That’s why Alchemist has decided to take responsibility. We want to be clear: We will not cancel our orders with our suppliers.

If we would cancel our orders, the consequences for the suppliers and garment workers would be unimaginable. In many of these production countries, social security is not available and many employees are not able to provide for their families in times of crisis. As a brand that stands for being sustainable and ethical, we think that we can make a difference for them.

By not canceling our orders, we can keep supporting our suppliers and garment workers in and outside of Europe. This way we can continue our trusted cooperation in the future for which we worked so hard.


We also want to stay loyal to our Alchemist retailers. They are of course an important part of the chain and the relationships that we’ve built with them are very dear to us. Next to thinking along with them in this difficult time, we’ve initiated some online actions to focus their attention on them. We’ve created an online activity to highlight a different retailer every day on our social media channels, for everyone who wants to contribute to local businesses. We’re thanking our amazing community for making this possible and for valuing local businesses and consequently helping Alchemist and her retailers.