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We believe that people are no solitary creatures; we are connected with our environment. The story goes that alchemists were in search of the formula for making gold. They wanted to transform the mundane into something exquisite. By fusing together different substances, they hoped to create the most precious material in existence. We pursue that same dream and believe that alchemy will occur when different elements come into contact with one another.

“We aspire to inspire, not to dictate. Because beautiful clothes feel right.”


As we’re moving into Fall/Winter 2020 we’re closing a period of reflection. We’ve created awareness of how we live and how this impacts the earth and climate. More than ever, we now believe in the importance of slow, sustainable fashion. Fleeting trends seem far away and we’ve started focussing on our authentic self. Instead of feeling […]

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Alchemist Takes Responsibility

Since 2004 Alchemist has been committed to creating fashion in an ethical way. This also means that we think that the production of our collections should be done in an honest and sustainable manner, from start to finish. Every factory that we work with has at least one social certificate, which means that every individual […]

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Sustainable Indoor Activities

We understand that social distancing can be challenging. Especially now, when spring is around the corner and you really want to be close to your loved ones. Here are some sustainable indoor activities to help you through these days! Thanks to our dearest team member Loïs for coming up with these ideas and beautiful drawings. […]

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Creating gold has been at the heart of Alchemist since the very start; inspired by alchemists in history, who tried to create gold from everyday materials. For Spring/Summer 2020 we’ve selected the finest materials to create a collection that feels great. We want to create a sense of togetherness so that everyone who is involved […]

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At Alchemist our mission is to combine luxury fashion with an honest lifestyle. Every year, we carefully create two collections. These collections are assembled from designs that are easily mixed and matched with our earlier collections. Our quality standards for our materials and production are high. When the first samples arrive at our office, we […]

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Caroline Mewe (1962) is the founder of Alchemist. She grew up on the island Terschelling and is forever inspired by the light of the island. This translates directly into the colors of her work, that has a chalky optic and keep reoccurring with every collection. Inspiration Nowadays she lives and works in Amsterdam, and Alchemist […]

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At Alchemist we like to work with natural materials. Our materials are sustainably produced and almost always certified. We avoid using azo-dyes, plasticizers and nonylphenol ethoxylates in the production of our clothing. Wool, cotton, and linen are fabrics that keep you cool in summer, but also warm on cooler days. In addition to these materials, […]

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Connecting sustainable fashion with people through our team, because without these people, there would be no Alchemist. Barbora – Designer I believe nowadays sustainability should be high on the agenda for any brand. I feel blessed to be designing for Alchemist, a pioneer brand in sustainable fashion. This way I can merge my love for […]

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